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How it Works?

The idea behind the Hyper Grid Exchange is to have a website available to all OpenSim users to buy and sell virtual items with direct delivery to any virtual OpenSim environment. Whether you have a grid, standalone region, or any other virtual environment, the marketplace can and will deliver for you. Forget all the hassle with vendors, scripts not working, items not being delivered and so on. Our system does not use vendors, it does everything for you, and knows where to delivery your item. That is what we call direct delivery! This is a place where creators can sell their items and shoppers can find all the items they need for their virtual world experience.

MyOpenGrid currency module is also available which is a cross grid monetary system. If you don't have a currency module in your region/SIM you can utilize our currency module to reap the benefits of the marketplace. This allows you to do transactions while you're in-world. When you have credits in world with our currency system you can use the same account balance in the marketplace.

If you have a currency module already in place, when you set up our module in your region, you will just need to disable the currency feature. Then you will still be able to have all of the benefits of our marketplace. You can send and receive items from the marketplace with our credits and send to your SIM without affecting your balance in your currency system.

When you sign up for Hyper Grid Exchange the set up is simple. As a merchant you will need to register and purchase the API license. The license can be purchased for $1.99. This license grants you permission to use our module in your region. The purchase of the license runs through PayPal which has security measures to ensure that the user has at least 18 years of age and has a good standing account with PayPal. If you are using Hyper Grid Exchange just to shop, there is no need to purchase the license. You will simply need to make sure you have access to a region that is currently running our module.

Once you sign up for an account with Hyper Grid Exchange you will need to register each avatar you want to have access to the Exchange. The registration of your avatar(s) will need to be completed through a region running our module typically by touching an ATM located there. You will be able to find a list of available regions on our website. If there aren’t any regions in your grid with an ATM, you can hyper grid to any of our regions listed to register your avatar(s). Once you have signed up for an account and registered your avatar(s) you can start shopping immediately.


As a buyer on Hyper Grid Exchange you will have one location to do your shopping with the added convenience of in world delivery. The delivery system works directly through your inventory. You will also have access to all of your transactions through the website. So, if by chance something is lost or unintentionally deleted you will have the ability to retrieve your previous purchases at anytime.

As a merchant on Hyper Grid Exchange, creators will be able to sell their items to a wider range of users and create interest in visiting the creators' home grid. Creators will also have the ability to set their items for delivery to any grid or limit delivery to the grid it was created in. Once you have your account with the Exchange you will have access to your avatar's inventory directly on the website. Then just simply click on the item you want to set for sale and follow the instructions to finish the process. After your item information has been saved, you will need to click on the option labeled "my items" where you can publish the item to the marketplace and make it available for sale. At that time you will be able to complete the description, price, upload pictures and set up the delivery restrictions etc.

Once you have started selling your items on the website you will have the ability to track your items sold. The system will provide you a "backtrack" log which will contain all the information about your item since the moment you saved the item in the marketplace. You will have access to detailed information about the item such as the following:

where it was created, who the creator is, who purchased the item and for which avatar, where it was delivered (region and grid) and more. This "backtrack log" was created to give the creator some peace of mind and keep track of their items. This is intended to prevent users from misusing purchased items. This will also allow creators to have more time to focus on what they like to do best, create.

We hope that you will try the marketplace and see how simple it is to use, have fun and shop!